About Us

About Us

Who We Are

The Premier Jewelry Buyer in
Panama City and Beyond

In search of a top-rated jewelry buyer? You’ve come to the right place. Steve and Avida are experts in buying diamonds, fine jewelry and luxury watches. Since our debut over 20 years ago, our clients have enjoyed unsurpassed prices and the unparalleled customer service they deserve.

At Pinka Jewelry, you can count on our friendly, professional team to make your jewelry selling experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

Short-Term Jewelry Loans

Aside from buying diamonds, watches, engagement rings, antique necklaces, and other types of fine jewelry, we offer short-term jewelry loans. With our loans, you can easily access the fast fast cash you need to fund just about anything.

Our Mission

A Solid Reputation

Pinka Jewelry maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and countless positive reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Allow our local and national reputation as a leading jewelry buyer go to work for you. We have no doubts we’ll exceed your every expectation.

Fairly Evaluating Your Jewelry Piece

Why Sell to Pinka Jewelry?

Not every item has the same selling potential, the same market value or the same appreciation or depreciation over time.
Every team is completely unique based on brand, quality, flaws, age and many, many other factors. When a piece of jewelry is
examined by Pinka Jewelry, it will be looked at on a granular level.


Every single factor is taken into consideration
a valuation is given – even if an older appraisal
exists, and whether we’re appraising a single item or
a full estate sale.


Pinka takes jewelry very seriously.
We are not in this business to make a quick buck.
Especially when it’s such an emotional exchange. We
have a passion for jewelry and a passion for people.


We understand jewelry from many aspects and angles
that not every buyer does and how and where to
repurpose it. For that reason, we can offer some of the
best pricing in this business.


Pinka Jewelry Aligns itself with the Top Accrediting
for Appraising & Gemology