Frequently Asked Questions

Selling Your Jewelry

What types of jewelry is Pinka interested in buying?+

Do you buy gold?+

Do you purchase watches?+

Does it matter if I have a certificate for my item?+

I have an appraisal on my piece. Will you just pay me the appraisal value?+


How much is my jewelry worth?+

How is my jewelry evaluated?+

Does retail value influence pricing?+

How can I know that you’re giving me the best price for my jewelry?+

What if I don’t like your offer on my fine jewelry or diamond?+

Getting Your Jewelry To Us

I’m nervous about shipping my jewelry. How secure are your shipping services?+

I don’t feel comfortable shipping my jewelry. Can I visit your office?+

I don’t live in Los Angeles, and I don’t want to ship my jewelry. Are there any other options?+


When and how do I receive payment?+

Do you accept trades?+

How is Pinka Jewelry different from other online jewelry buyers?+

How is Pinka Jewelry different from a pawn shop?+

Will you pay more than my local jeweler?+

Can I get more money by selling my jewelry to an auction house?+

Where do you sell my jewelry?+